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Prose Poem: The Abstract Painting

Dave Hood In the solace of his studio, after unexpected sad news, the abstract-expressionist painter, listens to Samuel Barber’s “Adagio for Strings,” A sorrowful sounding piece of music, evoking a feeling of melancholy within his psyche. The sound compels him … Continue reading

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Poem: Boxing Day

“Gift giving is a true art.”—-Author Unknown Tickets to see the Toronto Maple Leafs, a new iPad, Another tablet,a second iPhone, Jazz CD’s of Miles Davis, A portable piano, a pair of designer blue jeans, A Baseball glove,a Set of … Continue reading

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Poem: Homeless Man

By Dave Hood After a night in the shelter, where bed bugs bite, where derelicts mutter in their sleep, where the only meal is soup and ham sandwich, an unemployed, divorced, middle-aged man, sits crossed-legged like a Buddhist statue, next … Continue reading

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Poem: A Good Day

Dave Hood The elderly woman, eighty-years-old, who’s widowed, lives alone in a three bedroom bungalow, survives on a meager pension, endures isolation for days on end, interrupted occasional by a passerby, most often, the mailman.   In recent years, she’s … Continue reading

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Poem: Unanswerable Questions

By Dave Hood It’s mid October. Yellow birches descending. Frost covering lawns and windshields of parked automobiles. A few decorated pumpkins perched on porches, reminding of Halloween. The town’s still and quiet, except for a cool breeze, chilling the bones. … Continue reading

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Poem: The Numinous

By Dave Hood On sunny afternoon in Late August, while strolling alone in the woods, contemplating my destiny, I gaze at the dancing Maple leaves, swaying trees, notice a golden stream of light, illuminating the pathway, feel a soft breeze … Continue reading

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Poem: Life in the City

By Dave Hood I stroll along the sidewalk, newspaper in hand, headline reads “Another Murder in the City”, iPod singing favorite songs, in the smog, humidity, heat on a summer’s day, along the horizontal, vertical streets, passed a car dealership … Continue reading

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