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Prose Poem: The Urban Cyclist

Dave Hood It’s a sweltering summer day in the city. You’ve decided to embrace cycling, make it part of your exercise regimen. So you’re attired in a blue helmet, dark sunglasses, yellow jersey, black shorts, light-weight cycling shoes, ready to … Continue reading

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Photo Essay: What’s the City Like?

Dave Hood The city can be like a jungle. Skyscrapers evoking a mood of the ominous, as if hiking alone in the unknown jungle. Street lamps and traffic lights standing as if various types of tropical trees. Always countless strangers … Continue reading

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Poem: Urban Distractions

By Dave Hood Beyond the house, blaring, screaming sirens, infringing on peace of mind, speeding to a fire or auto accident. Down the street, the deafening sound of a jack hammer, Digging up the sidewalk, Piling chunks of concrete. The … Continue reading

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Poem: Life in the City

By Dave Hood I stroll along the sidewalk, newspaper in hand, headline reads “Another Murder in the City”, iPod singing favorite songs, in the smog, humidity, heat on a summer’s day, along the horizontal, vertical streets, passed a car dealership … Continue reading

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Vignette: “Ghosts on the Street”

By Dave Hood I’m strolling to the bookstore, down Yonge street, the main drag of Toronto, a metropolis, the biggest and most populated city in Canada. The stroll to the book will take about 15 minutes, where I’ll browse the … Continue reading

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A List Poem: People Watching

By Dave Hood Take a stroll along an inner city sidewalk, somewhere downtown, out of your normal habitat, out of your comfort zone. You’ll discover odd curious peculiar funny bizarre weird uncanny queer freakish zany, kooky, quirky atypical strangers unfamiliar … Continue reading

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