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Collage Essay: On Grief

By Dave Hood The loneliness without you is beyond belief I can’t come to terms with this feeling called grief ~Paul Brown Loss evokes grief. And grief expresses itself as mental pain and suffering, sorrow, depression, mental anguish. The most powerful … Continue reading

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Collage Essay: On Kindness

Dave H “No one has ever become poor by giving,” Anne Frank wrote. Yet, when I read the history books or gaze at the outer world, I notice an utter lack of kindness in humanity. There is a lack of generosity … Continue reading

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Article: On Happiness

What is happiness? It is a feeling of contentment or satisfaction. I am not referring to fleeting enjoyable moments or short experiences of pleasure, but an enduring sense of contentment and satisfaction with one’s life. This desire to feel happy is what motivates most people. To be happy is the meaning and purpose of human existence. Most people, don’t say to themselves, ” I am going to do this or that or some other thing so I can be happy.” Instead, the pursuit of happiness is carried out indirectly in one’s quest for pleasure or satisfying experiences. Continue reading

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Segmented Essay: What Is Normal?

Friday, December-13-13 By Dave Hood “To be normal is the ideal aim of the unsuccessful.” ― Carl Jung “When your ideas shatter established though, expect blowback.”—Tim Fargo What is normal? Webster’s dictionary suggests that normal means to conform to a … Continue reading

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Segmented Essay: On Love

By Dave Hood What is love? According to Webster’s dictionary, love has several definitions: First, love is a strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties, such as maternal love for a child. Love can also be … Continue reading

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